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Note: This activity is best completed in groups of 2-3 students.

Your small business is moving to a new location! Your building is brand new, and you have been tasked to come up with a physical model so that network port installation can begin.

Use the blueprint provided for this activity (your Instructor will provide you with a copy from the Instructor Planning Guide) – the area indicated by Number 1 is the reception area – the area numbered RR is the restroom area.

All rooms are within Category 6, UTP specifications (100 meters), so you have no worries about hard-wiring the building to code. Each room in the diagram must have at least one network connection available for users/intermediary devices.

With your teammate(s), indicate on the drawing:

Do not go “overboard” on your design – just use the content from the chapter to be able to justify your decisions to the class.

Class Activity - Linked In! Instructions