The motherboard is now ready to be installed in the computer case, as shown in Figure 1. Plastic and metal standoffs are used to mount the motherboard and to prevent it from touching the metal portions of the case. Install only the standoffs that align with the holes in the motherboard. Installing additional standoffs might prevent the motherboard from being seated properly in the computer case.

Because the I/O connections on each motherboard vary, an I/O connector plate, shown in Figure 2, is supplied with the motherboard. The I/O plate has cutouts on the back of the motherboard specifically for the connectors. The I/O connector plate is installed on the inside of the back of the computer case to allow the connectors to be used when the motherboard is installed in the case.

To install the motherboard, follow these steps:

Step 1. Install the standoffs in the computer case aligned with the locations of the mounting holes in the motherboard.

Step 2. Install the I/O plate on the inside of the back of the computer case.

Step 3. Align the I/O connectors on the back of the motherboard with the openings in the I/O plate.

Step 4. Align the screw holes of the motherboard with the standoffs.

Step 5. Insert all the motherboard screws.

Step 6. Tighten all the motherboard screws.